Starting Your Business

One of the most vexing decisions new entrepreneurs face is what business form their new enterprise should take.  Sometimes forming an LLC is the right move.  However, there are certain circumstances where a limited partnership may be a better alternative.  Other issues that new businesses face are how to handle taxation matters, and what must be done when they hire employees.  Each one of these questions can present a variety of answers depending upon the circumstance, and cannot be adequately addressed by filling out a form online or one bought at one of the box stores.

Prior to attending law school, I owned a successful nightclub, a concert production company, an artist management company, and worked as a business consultant to some of the most successful nightlife enterprises in New York City.  As an attorney, I have represented small businesses in the music industry, film industry, construction industry, as well as in the restaurant industry.  I have seen small businesses struggle because the proper planning and preparation was not undertaken in their infancy.  By contacting me, you will assure that the foundation on which to build your business is placed on solid ground.