Business relationships are only as strong as the contracts that define them.  The best contracts are negotiated and drafted to reflect the true intent of the parties.  This meeting of the minds is rarely manifested through a form contract bought online or at a box store.  Not to mention, there are times when a contract sent over from the other side is indecipherable.  It is important to always remember that it’s not always what’s in the contract that can hurt you, sometimes it’s what’s missing that can be the most devastating.

I have negotiated and drafted contracts on behalf of small businesses to use with independent contractors, to purchase or sell goods or services, or to define business relationships with other persons or entities.  With my background as a small business owner, I understand the issues that matter most to small business owners, and the agreements that I have drafted reflect this insight.  You have enough to worry about keeping your business heading in the right direction, without having to veer down a dark path without a trusted guide.  Let me be that guide.