Starting and Managing a Non-Profit

Simply filling out IRS form 1023 can be a daunting task.  On top of that, the management of all non-profits is governed by the bylaws.  Non-profit bylaws are much different than corporate bylaws, however, in that many day-to-day issues that corporate bylaws do not address are often the subject of much of non-profit bylaws.  Other issues that new non-profits face are how to apportion tax deductible donations, and what they must do when they hire employees.  Each one of these questions can present a variety of answers depending upon the circumstance, and cannot be adequately addressed by filling out a form online or one bought at one of the box stores.

I have advised numerous non-profits on their day-t0-day operations, fundraising efforts and the taxation issues relating to fundraising, and the formation of the non-profit from the ground up.  It is important that you have experienced guidance when it comes to issues facing your non-profit, because common mistakes can lead to you losing your non-profit status.  Call on me to provide you with the guidance your non-profit deserves.