Most people are unaware that a copyright is born the moment a work is created.  Registering a copyright is a step that is taken to ensure that you have priority in the creation of that work, and as a means of accessing the federal courts to enforce your copyright.  Furthermore, copyright law is extremely complex.  Often referred to as a bundle of sticks, each aspect of copyright has it’s own intricacies and pitfalls.  Copyright licensing, therefore, is just as complex and requires a seasoned professional guide.

I have been negotiating copyright licensing contracts for decades, both as an artist manager and as an attorney.  Television, motion pictures, music, visual art, and publishing copyright licensing contracts all have specific and unique language.  Each industry also applies it’s own standards, some of them negotiable – others non-negotiable.  An inexperienced attorney negotiating these agreements on you behalf may not only cost you a bunch of money.  They may cost you your entire future.  Contact me to avoid making the same mistake so many creative people and enterprises make.