DUI & Tickets

A driving under the influence (driving while intoxicated) charge is particularly unique in Vermont in that defendants face both a civil and criminal charge.  It is this difference that often cost drivers their license, as they fail to understand that they must address both charges, their individual standards of proof, and separate hearings.  Remember, losing your license not only results in an increase in your insurance cost, it could affect your ability to maintain your current occupation or to obtain future employment.

Time is of the essence when facing a DUI charge in Vermont.  If you are stopped for drunk driving, it is imperative that you immediately contact me to ensure that you don’t inadvertently lose your privilege to drive and face the negative impact it would have on your life.  It would be a mistake to navigate these complex cases on your own. I have the experience necessary to properly evaluate the evidence the State intends to present against you.


The State of Vermont has implemented new methods for those who have had their licenses suspended to receive provisional licenses based upon following certain procedures.  If you have received tickets leading to a suspension, contact me to help you to determine whether you qualify, and to help you through these procedures.

Traffic & Speeding Tickets

I have had great success at helping clients to avoid the full brunt of the tickets that they have received.  If you have received a traffic and/or a speeding ticket, I can help you to evaluate the evidence that the State will present against you, and can represent you in the ticket hearing.

Commercial Drivers

Many of my clients are commercial truck drivers.  I have advised them relating to the impact that a ticket may have on their CDL, as well as how to deal with CSA 2010 reports.