We’re all familiar with the court room drama portrayed in procedurals on TV.  However, ninety five percent of all criminal cases are resolved through the plea bargaining process.  Criminal defendants routinely negotiate plea deals without the benefit of having someone to advocate for them and to advise them on the merits of the deal.  The question should not be whether you can afford to hire an attorney, it should be whether you can afford not to.  Beyond the loss of freedom, a criminal felony conviction can result in the loss of your job, place future employment in question, damage your chances of obtaining credit, prevent you from receiving financial aid, keep you from living where you choose, as well as a myriad of other negative outcomes.

I strongly believe that all persons facing criminal charges deserve an aggressive impassioned defense.  An experienced negotiator, and inquisitive by nature, I will review your case from every angle in search for those elements that could lead to a positive outcome for your case.  Avoid making a bad decision that will have a long term  impact on your life based on short term concerns.  Contact me to discuss how I may help you.