Criminal Defense & DUI

Criminal Defense & DUI

Part of our attraction to Vermont is that it is such a safe place to live. However, occasionally even the most law abiding citizen finds themselves facing criminal charges.  Misdemeanors, felonies, and the civil aspects of DUI all present the potential of having an everlasting impact on every aspect of your life. The pitfalls are many and the stakes can be enormous.  It is imperative that you have someone in your corner to help you to avoid making a mistake that could have a devastating impact on the way you live and work.

An inquiring mind, research, and writing are the essential elements of a strong defense. Inquisitive by nature, I will get at the root of the charge or charges you are facing.  The work that I have done researching and writing on behalf of my clients has directly lead to the dismissal or lessening of the charges they have faced.  Contact me to discuss whether you can afford to represent yourself in criminal court.

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