Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

Many creative people call Vermont home. Their work, either in the arts or crafts, generates millions of dollars annually statewide. Agreements to sell or license these works are often complex, and implicate many different rights.  Yet, many writers, songwriters, musicians, painters, and other creatives either choose to negotiate these agreements themselves or seek out-of-state legal representation. If you are one of these people, now you can obtain local representation at a reasonable rate by contacting me.

I have over twenty years’ experience in the music business, first as an industry insider, and more recently as an attorney. Additionally, my legal practice has included clients in the film and television industries, book publishing, as well as visual artists of various media.  Engaging me will provide you with piece of mind, knowing that a seasoned professional who understands the inner workings of contract and copyright law is looking out for your best interests.

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